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Things to consider before buying luxurious project

Posted by : Priyam Shukla on | Jun 30,2015

Things to consider before buying luxurious project

In the real-estate business, the word luxury is thrown around like it doesn’t mean anything. Almost every real-estate developer uses the term ‘luxurious project’ in all their promotional materials. So much so that even a project in some corner of the city, far away from all that can be termed luxurious, is still called a luxurious project. One is quite right to think that the word has lost all its meaning. So why not redefine it?

Given that luxury is a subjective term, it is quite a difficult task to truly define it. In the real-estate world however, one could take a shot at it. Most projects nowadays, come with all the amenities and specifications that make life comfortable. A swimming pool, clubhouse, grand lobby, concierge services and the works; you name it and it’s there. But is that it? Not at all. Luxury is also using the best materials so as to craft a home that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional. It is spacious and well planned. It is a home that is built using the best practices and materials that do not harm the environment. Only then can you as a homeowner, know that you have done your bit by encouraging developers to give nothing but the best.

Real estate developers in Pune have taken steps to give home buyers properties which take into consideration all the above factors. Apartments in Pune now come with a list of amenities and specifications that were unheard of in the past. Not just that, they are highly sustainable too. The projects come with facilities like rain water harvesting and sewage water treatment, thus expressing how builders are making projects that are thoughtful and well planned. Large houses like a penthouse or a 3 BHK flat in Pune, may come at a big price, but the attention to detail given to it, right from sourcing the materials to using the best architects and engineers to build a sustainable space, rightly justifies it. Another important factor to bear in mind when considering what can be defined as a luxurious project is its location. In fact, it is one of the most important aspects. A centrally located home comes with unparalleled advantages. When everything right from schools, workplaces, entertainment centres and market places are close by, it surely is considered a luxury. The connectivity and ease of accessibility adds a dose of convenience that is truly welcome. Most flats for sale in Pune are in the suburbs, but they are so well connected that it doesn’t really feel like living far away. In fact, the serenity of the suburbs just adds to the living experience.

So the next time a real-estate developer promotes a project as being luxurious. Just ask yourself, is the project really offering just a home with lavish interiors and specifications, or is it more than that? As yourself if it is well-planned, thoughtful and sustainable. Don’t just look at the surface. Dig deep and get a true understanding and decide. At the end of the day, only you should be able to say if it is luxurious or not.