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Internet Of Things From Beginner To Your Own IoT Device

Posted by : rasika joshi on | May 14,2019

Internet Of Things From Beginner To Your Own IoT Device

Due to an increasing demand of Internet,many things are now easy to access.With this concept 'Internet Of Things' comes into picture which is basically an internet connectivity between physical devices and everyday objects.To develop and build new techniques,deep understanding of IoT and IoT devices is necessary.Now,IoT is changing our way that we live i,e it helps us to collect and process large amount of data.That's why instead of only reading IoT you can learn IoT by doing its practical implementation.Upto now ,connecting an devices and its components to the internet was not an easy task.

    But Today,by using simple modules and devices we can easily turn simple project into an IoT Project.Now our everyday devices like smartphones,light cars,Tv's are not only able to send and receive data but they also be controlled over internet.First learn in detail how Internet works itself and all the protocols that works behind when you make simple web query.For that you need to have basic understanding of entire TCP/IP suite.Secondly you need to learn basics of embedded systems,microcontrollers.Once you have done this after that the real IoT Challenges will emerged out.

IoT Sectors:

Internet Of Things has an adverse effect on  many areas of our day to day life:



3.Industry and Energy



IoT Components:

An IoT System is made up of three basic components

1.Things- Sensors,Actuators:Devices that are used in IOT have an features of low cost,low power and is wireless.

Example of sensors :Temperature ,Pressure etc.To turn ,our everyday objects like car into the smart car will require the objects like:

1.An IP Address-mainly IPV6

2.Wireless network

3.Sensors like temperature,pressure sensors which will be suitable for industrial applications.

2.IoT Network:

IoT Protocols are designed to operate at specific layer in networking domain.It includes connectivity protocols like Zig-bee,Wi-Fi etc which  is wireless protocol and wired protocol includes CAN bus,MOD bus.At Networking level IPV6 is set while in intermediate frame IPV4 is also used.At the application level available messaging protocols are HTTP.MQTT and others are developing for IoT like COAP.

3.IoT Platforms,Apps,Services:

IoT Platform is an combination of several IoT functions.IoT platform will help to collect,manage data and convert them between protocol.After that it will analyze data.

Available IoT Cloud Platforms are :

1.Amazon Web Services

2.Microsoft Azure


IoT and The Cloud Services:

Every company now a days using cloud to store huge amount of data,to access data from cloud in secure manner.Cloud plays an important role in IoT as this enables IoT Services to developed at a fast rate and at a low cost than that is using in traditional services.

Learn To Make an IoT Device with Raspberry-Pi:

    Raspberry-PI is basically a mini computer which we can use as hardware gateway for IoT projects.It can be easily communicate with outside world and can easily accessible to learn how to program in languages like Python.The mostly used Operating system for the Raspberry-PI is Raspbian Operating System.

Why to choose Raspberry-Pi for an IoT projects

It is important to choose an correct platform and devices for an IoT projects to build an application.

1.As we know that for an IoT Internet access is must whereas Raspberry-Pi can eliminate the complex interfacing like GSM/GPRS.

2.As Raspberry Pi comes with an Linux operating system it is fully functional.

3.Raspberry-Pi can run multiple programs at a time  and is a multitasking.

4.It has an memory of 512 MB.

5.It also minimizes the need of large space like PC or processing large data information.

Check out Demo of how user can control light bulb  which is connected to Raspberry-PI3 using Alexa

                IoT is an evolving topic to learn and to use in industrial applications.hIOTron IoT Training will teach you exactly what you need to know about the IoT.